The Meaty Truth

Meaty Truth

With a foreword by the renowned Dr. Neal Barnard, President of PCRM, The Meaty Truth takes a hard-hitting look at our modern-day food systems. An eye-opening yet sassy read, the authors uncover the truth about the health, environmental, economic, social, and political consequences of our current meat- and dairy- laden diets on America and for the world.

With The Meaty Truth, discover the best-kept secrets of the meat and dairy industries: such as the scary ”ingredients” in our food, from antibiotics, untested growth hormones,

ammonia, bleach, feces, and more. Learn how what we eat is directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, water devastation, and global warming. Better yet, with simple daily actions and delicious recipes, find out how to start living safely, healthfully, and happily.

As Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award director of Supersize Me states, this book is “a must read for everyone that eats in America!”

Amazon Reviews

“Really wonderful book – well-written, well-researched, and filled with compelling info. I thought I know about this topic already but the book open my eyes to a lot of fresh information. If you care about the environment and your own environmental impact, you owe it to yourself to read this book now.”

(Nick Cooney – Mercy For Animals)

“They say that truth is stranger than fiction. Turns out the truth about meat and dairy is not only stranger but FAR more disgusting than the fiction most of us believe. The Meaty Truth finally makes visible – in a thoughtful and comprehensive way – just what goes into putting a steak on your plate or cow’s milk in your glass. Hint: it involves huge amounts of animal suffering, environmental damage, and untold challenges to human health. These things are inherent in every piece of meat and every dairy product, and The Meaty Truth makes it undeniably clear that avoiding these products is the only way forward for anyone who wants to live conscientiously, healthily, and ethically. For so long the meat and dairy industries have struggled to keep their secrets under wraps, but by revealing them The Meaty Truth shifts agency back to a new breed of informed and powerful consumers. The Meaty Truth means we now have not only the why – the information we need to see through industry smokescreens and truly understand our food choices and their impact – but also the how – the recipes and advice to help us cut out harmful, wasteful, cruel products. As such, the book is both a great read and a practical guide to living. It’s the new Bible; your and everyone’s map for navigating our complex modern food landscapes in the best possible conscience. If you value the planet, your health, or even your most basic sense of morality, The Meaty Truth is something you really can’t afford to be without. And that’s the truth.”

(C. Black)

“This book will change the way you look at animals and the meat industry. You will never want to eat meat again after reading this book!”







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