Shushana Castle

Shushana CastleShushana Castle, a vegan since 2005, grew up eating mainly a whole food, plant-based diet with very little meat and dairy. Always interested in nutrition, after reading dozens of books on plant nutrition she became impassioned to spread this knowledge on the overlooked connection between diet and disease. Shushana’s mother at age 81, needed eye surgery to improve her deteriorating vision. After she removed meat and dairy from her diet, her vision returned within a few weeks and to her doctor’s astonishment she no longer needed surgery. From strangers at the grocery stores, to airports and corporate boardrooms, Shushana realized that most people do not understand how and why some foods can harm us and others can heal us. In order to provide answers to friends and family stricken with illnesses, she began interviewing doctors and found that success stories from going plant-based were not confined to our limited social circle or the United States but are becoming a world- wide phenomenon.

Before delving into our healthcare world, Shushana was a globally renowned fixed income securities specialist for over 20 years and also worked 5 years on the equities side. Former President Bill Clinton personally invited Shushana to serve as a member of his Clinton’s Global Initiative. Shushana has been included in quarterly think tank discussions with Bill Gates, Larry Page of Google, Economist Robert Reich, Queen Rania of Jordon, Al Gore, Sir Richard Branson, among other celebrities and citizens who display passion and care for the planet. In 2011, 2010 and 2009 Shushana moderated the water sector at the international CleanTech Conference which brings together leading world scientists in the water and CleanTech spheres. Shushana contributed to the documentary, Running the Sahara with Matt Damon. She currently sits on the board of Living Water International and is a Houston Women’s Business Chamber of Commerce member. Shushana also brings one of the most distinguished film festivals in the world to Houston each year. Telluride MountainFilm festival is part ideas summit, part social gathering and shows films about cultures worth exploring, environments worth preserving and issues that matter. Shushana holds a Masters in Environmental Management and Water and a degree in Finance.