Rethink Food

Rethink Food
“Every doctor, medical student, and patient should read this book because plant- based nutrition is the future of medicine. This medicine saves lives and prevents diseases. Today our villain is the healthcare crisis and the hero is plant nutrition.”

Phillip Tuso, MD

“As the title of this book so aptly states, the time has come for scientists and physicians who want to effectively treat the cause of diseases – not just to deal with symptoms – to rethink food.”

Michael Klaper, MD

Rethink Food: 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong, presents a whole-foods, plant-based diet as a simple solution to today’s leading chronic diseases, from heart disease and obesity, to type 2 diabetes and cancer.

With contributions from over 100 renowned physicians, Rethink Food provides a comprehensive, science-based discussion of the relationship between diet and disease. The book has already been proclaimed “the best life-changing book” and “the most comprehensive reference on nutrition.”

Chapters include “Ending the Coronary Heart Disease Epidemic” (Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.), “Disease Proof Your Child” (Joel Furhman), “Power Foods for the Brain” (Neal Barnard), “The Evidence Against Dairy” (T. Colin Campbell), and “White Lies” (Justine Butler).

Rethink Food empowers you with a tastefully simple solution for a healthier, stronger, and smarter you!

Amazon Reviews

This is a very easy read that is super informative – I highly recommend it to those uncertain of or averse to the vegan diet (like I was). I was impressed with the caliber of people who are involved with this book – it truly is an eye-opener. I have taken the plunge into becoming a vegan and look forward to living this healthy lifestyle, and being well!”


“The book is saving my life. It is THE GAME CHANGER. It is a MUST HAVE, kind of book. I started running ½ marathons about 3 years ago. Since my blood pressure is now high, my doctor recommended against marathons This book is broken down into a lot of chapters , each addressing various health issues written by different doctors. There are sports doctors in the book that talk about protein, calcium and energy foods . For me, the cardio chapter has so many doctors that have taught how to bring my high blood pressure to normal without getting on drugs, which I fear. The sports chapter is helping me with endurance and high energy foods.

The book has a chapter with a lot of world class athletes, including John Salley who played basketball with Michael Jordon for many years (I like basketball) who are all oriented towards high performance foods that doctors recommend. The doctors in this book and specifically the sports chapter have world class athletes that talk about foods that are loaded with nutrients and energy. All these athletes and doctors say they are attributing their high performance to phytonutrients… a word I learned in Rethink Food. BRAVA – THIS BOOK IS AN EXCELLENT READ and WELL WORTH THE SMALL COST!”

Manisha Thakor

“Probably the most comprehensive resource on the health benefits of a plant based diet available anywhere. Informative and easy to read. I bought an extra copy for my aging parents hoping to convince them to improve their health by changing their diet.”

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