About the Book

“Every doctor, medical student, and patient should read this book because plant- based nutrition is the future of medicine. This medicine saves lives and prevents diseases. Today our villain is the healthcare crisis and the hero is plant nutrition.”

Phillip Tuso, MD

“As the title of this book so aptly states, the time has come for scientists and physicians who want to effectively treat the cause of diseases – not just to deal with symptoms – to rethink food.”

Michael Klaper, MD

We have been led to believe that meat and dairy are the foundation of good health. This is a myth and the science can no longer be ignored. Rethink Food brings you 100+ doctors from around the world who substantiate why all animal based products are damaging to our health and should be completely removed from our plates.

From the Ivy Leagues of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Cornell to the UK, India, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and New Zealand, ReThink Food’s experts explain how we can reverse heart disease and diabetes, eliminate food allergens and autoimmune diseases, live pain- free from arthritis, prevent Alzheimer’s, and even bring cancer into remission. Challenging the status quo, these doctors substantiate how each and every chronic condition covered is DIET RELATED.

The science is clear. Rethink Food’s doctors conclusively prove that a diet based on whole, plant-based foods is most directly linked to excellent health, wellness, fitness, and longevity.

Did you know that cow’s milk doesn’t actually promote strong bones? The truth is high dairy consumption is most associated with high rates of osteoporosis. While we have been constantly told animal protein is good for us, these prominent cardiologists, weight-loss surgeons, and diabetic experts demonstrate how our excessive animal protein consumption is associated with diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, increased risk of obesity and shortens life. With all of the misinformation surrounding our children’s health, we can finally put to rest the confusion over what to feed our children. Our doctors confirm that nutrient rich, plant-based foods are the best for our children’s healthy growth and development.

Former Olympic, NBA and NHL players as well as celebrity trainers in Rethink Food demonstrate how we can achieve peak performance powered by plants.

Rethink Food empowers you with a tastefully simple solution for a healthier, stronger, and smarter you!